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6 March 2006

Online Publication Credits

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For the most part, in the course of my life, I’ve done technical writing, and I’ve written opinion pieces and fiction. My first paid article that consists of something like actual “journalism” — reporting, rather than explaining or editorializing — was my article for TechRepublic about Samba 4.

As of about mid-2007, TechRepublic began paying me to write regular articles for its IT Security weblog (what I tend to call ITSEC for short). It’s slightly less formal, but a lot higher volume, than my occasional article writing for them prior to that point. Unfortunately, in the course of writing for ITSEC I was informed that TR policy is to always spell any variation on the word “Unix” with all-capital letters, regardless of context. I was told this after I noticed someone had edited one of my articles so that all instances of Unix (including references to “BSD Unix”) were spelled “UNIX”. Normally I don’t make a point of indicating specific editorial overrides, even when I know I’m in the right. As this is technically incorrect (UNIX is a trademark that only applies to specific, certified operating systems), I felt it necessary to comment here in this case so that there is a record of the fact that I know what I’m talking about, even if someone’s edits to my writing makes it seem like I don’t. More on the subject is available here.

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