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1 June 2006


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This here is just an archive of images I’m hosting for general use. Hopefully the free bandwidth usage won’t bring the webserver to its knees. Where more than one size of a given image is available, I ask that you use the smaller sizes first: if I have to start eliminating bandwidth usage, the larger images will probably be the first to go. Whatever you do, do not spam anyone with these images or I will use my l33t ninja h4xx0r skillz to hunt you down. Or something. If you link someone to these images for use, link them to this page rather than directly to the images: increased traffic at my website will, in a roundabout way, help pay for bandwidth — which means the images are likely to stay longer for those of you who use them.

Four sizes of pink ribbons for breast cancer awareness are provided, thanks in part to someone I (so far) only know as TiggerTwo, and in memory of Professor Blaga Pauley, the best teacher I’ve ever had. The world lost some beauty and brilliance the day she left it.

I’m also, for the moment at least, hosting a bar graph here for an article at TechRepublic.


  1. […] in memory of my friend and teacher Blaga Pauley, I started hosting pink ribbon images on the SOB images page last year. Please observe the guidelines for use that I’ve laid out there if you find my […]

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  2. The only professor who ever made college algebra enjoyable. I still look back on her class and laugh at some of the funny things she would talk about. She was always so helpful and so willing to make herself available for her students. She was a real legend and she is sorely missed. God bless you Ms. Pauley!

    Comment by deleria — 27 July 2008 @ 11:03

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