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21 February 2009

RPG entries: Write what?

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This is part of my RPG series of entries here at SOB. See the inaugural entry in the series for more details.

I have a question for my RPG-oriented readership — the people who have some inkling of the sort of RPG-related writing I’m capable of doing:

What specific RPG-related topic areas would you like to see me address?

You could refer to subjects I’ve taken on before, such as (but not limited to):

  • edition war nonsense
  • gamer tools created by yours truly (charts, software, et cetera)
  • historical surveys
  • improbable plans for the future
  • personal gaming anecdotes and, possibly, lessons I’ve learned from them
  • philosophy of game design
  • RPG industry analysis
  • variant rules development and examples

You could also suggest subject matter you don’t recall me ever having addressed.

I welcome answers both in comments here and via my contact page (as well as via IMs and direct email, for those who know how to get in touch with me through those avenues).


  1. I like the last one, but anything is good really. Though you have to handle your re(n)ddition first…

    Comment by faustusnotes — 21 February 2009 @ 11:48

  2. Anecdotes, maybe some tools and variant rules. I don’t really care for edition war stuff, and regard talk about the “RPG industry” more or less the way somebody in a book group looking to discuss Pride and Prejudice might somebody who keeps wanting to talk about the latest publishers’ quarterly reports. I have a sneaking suspicion that the parts of the hobby I like and care about would be better off if there ceased to be an RPG industry.

    Comment by Joshua Macy — 21 February 2009 @ 01:59

  3. I agree with Joshua’s first two sentences. Anectodes, tools and variant rules. I want to see how you run your games, what you do in them (storywise and gamewise) and what you do that makes it easier on you (or harder I suppose, if that’s what you want). I also want to see what makes your games different. Straight play reports maybe not, but anecdotes are fine. Also, what inspires you to play. Inspirational posts are always good.

    Comment by Wyatt — 21 February 2009 @ 02:09

  4. Philosophy and design, lessons and anecdotes they were learned from.

    Comment by Tommi — 22 February 2009 @ 05:40

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