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15 February 2009

Ubuntu — how do I loathe thee?

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Let me count the ways. . . .


The SigO got a new laptop. Because the Debian Testing installer wouldn’t recognize the optical drive or the network adapter, she ended up installing Ubuntu on it. She noticed something annoying about Ubuntu Linux that I just can’t help but share:

It comes with an Ubuntu-specific Firefox extension that deactivates the middle click to paste functionality of X Windows within the Firefox interface. Yes, really — a convenience feature of X that most long-time users of X miss terribly when they have to go to work and sit in front of a Microsoft Windows machine appears to have been intentionally turned off in Ubuntu’s version of Firefox as a “feature”.

That’s just asinine, and I just had to share.

Maybe I’ll share some more of my dislikes, as they pertain to Ubuntu, later.


  1. Ouch. Can you at least disable the extension?

    Comment by Sterling Camden — 16 February 2009 @ 12:10

  2. Yes — it can be disabled or uninstalled like any Firefox extension. One has to realize that the reason the middle click paste doesn’t work is the extension, though. It’s not exactly advertised. It’s called “ubufox” in Synaptic, with the description “Ubuntu Firefox specific configuration defaults and apt support”, so it isn’t exactly clear that’s what causes the problem, either. We realized it was what caused the middle click paste to stop working only when she de├»nstalled it and got that ability back.

    Comment by apotheon — 16 February 2009 @ 01:27

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