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12 July 2006


Filed under: Metalog — apotheon @ 11:48

I’m embarking on a roadtrip. It involves Kansas. I’ll be home again early next week. In the meantime, I probably won’t have much chance to post anything new here.


  1. hasta luego. Enjoy the plains.

    Comment by SterlingCamden — 13 July 2006 @ 01:53

  2. By the time you get back, my blog will have moved to its new, permanent home.

    Comment by Alex — 13 July 2006 @ 08:03

  3. Thanks for the well-wishing, Sterling.

    Hopefully everything works, Alex. I guess I’ll have a look and find out for myself.

    Comment by apotheon — 16 July 2006 @ 07:42

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