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6 February 2009

Stimulis, for Economies with Performance Issues

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The folks at Reason Magazine have put together a scathing pharmaceutical advertisement style satire of massive economic “stimulus” packages:

direct link to YouTube page

If you’re on a Unix or Linux-based system, and don’t have a Flash plugin installed that’ll play YouTube Flash videos, you might want to try the youtube-dl script and MPlayer. See my previous SOB entry, Flash Workarounds for FreeBSD — especially YouTube, for details.

Speaking of the stimulus bill . . .

Are we really sure this is Obama’s bill? Like Warren Meyer, at the Coyote Blog, I haven’t really seen any evidence that Obama had much input into the crafting of the bill at all. Like him, all I’ve seen is evidence that he’s doing the same thing Bush has done for eight years: take a bill someone else wrote that he thinks will make some political hay for him, and try to push it through Congress as quickly as possible — preferably, quickly enough that nobody in Congress has time to read it very carefully.

So much for “hope” and “change”. This looks like “fear” and “more of the same”, from where I’m sitting.

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