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7 July 2006

Three Arrrs: Registration Requirement Removed

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In response to a comment by TDavid in his own Make You Go Hmm weblog, which posted a trackback to my previous remarks on Rocketboom’s detonation, wherein he stated that he chose to avoid commenting directly because of the registration requirement:

I’ve eliminated the registration requirement for commenting here. You can all post semi-anonymous comments if you like.

Every time you post a comment, it goes into the moderation queue, where it awaits my approval (bad news for spammers), unless you’re a registered user who has already had a previous comment approved. Because “anonymous” comments cannot (reasonably) be validated as coming from a previously-approved commenter, anonymous comments will always go into moderation. This may prove almost as annoying as having to register, but I like having my several layers of anti-spam protections in place. C’est la vie. If moderation really bothers you, just register an account here — or do what TDavid did, and post somewhere else with a trackback to this site.

Let’s see if anyone cares. . . .

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  1. I registered on your site as soon as you turned that requirement on, but only because I really wanted to comment. The requirement might discourage others (it has prevented me from commenting on some other sites) so I think it’s a good thing that you turned it off.

    Comment by SterlingCamden — 11 July 2006 @ 11:45

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