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6 July 2006


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I’ve created, and made available on the Web, the ARChive: Apotheonic Resource Collection. It includes the essay Humanity’s Launch Window, previously referenced in the SOB post titled Movin’ On Up: the necessity of space colonization, as some of the more astute of you might have noticed if you remembered the URL for it.

New, with the ARChive, is a Beginner PHP Tutorial for non-PHP programmers. It assumes some programming knowledge, as well as some XHTML knowledge, but doesn’t assume any PHP knowledge (or, at least, it’s not meant to assume such). Take it for a test drive and let me know how you like it.

I’ve also created a contact page to which I will, eventually, be linking from here (and from a couple other places as well), in addition to linking to it from the ARChive’s main page.

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