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18 January 2009

Maybe tofu can help me organize my life.

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I stumbled across a simple, lightweight todo list script called tofu.

I’ve got two or three half-written command line todo list scripts lying around on my hard drive. I get partway through one — the most-complete so far manages exactly one list, and does simple stuff like add new items, delete old, and list all — then decide it doesn’t actually work very well to suit my needs and preferences, then abandon it. Later, I start over.

I’ve tried a couple others, written by other people, but they haven’t really made me feel very warm and fuzzy either. For one thing, they tend to be overcomplicated and overly featurful. For another, they also tend to have stupid, pointless file formats using SGML or even full-fledged relational databases. I really don’t feel a burning need to get a mouse mixed up in my management of a todo list, either, and mostly these things tend to be inflexible. I’ve tried just using text files to manage todo lists the “old fashioned” way, but that tends to end up feeling like too much of a chore, and I don’t much like having to always go to a particular directory to access a todo list.

Others’ todo list managers also tend to have annoying licensing restrictions, but I would probably overlook that if any of them were functionally suitable to my needs.

Tofu seems to suit my needs thus far. I’ve been playing with it a little bit this afternoon; I’ll start using it to try to actually organize parts of my life in the coming week. So far, I’m impressed. The best I could say for any of the others so far when first playing with them was “Well, maybe it’ll help,” so this is a huge improvement already.

Oh, yeah — and it’s offered under the terms of a copyfree license (specifically, the MIT/X11 license). If this thing pans out, it’s going in my Software List.

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