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1 July 2006

weblog ecosystem mapping and the nature of network identity

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You may recall my recent mention of graphical representations of the weblog ecosystem, or what some call the “blogosphere”. The originator of the images, a weblogger named Matthew Hurst posting under the title Data Mining, took notice of some comments made by me and Teresa Valdez Klein. Shortly thereafter, I was credited, via SOB, with having come up with the idea behind the new Interactive Map of the Blogosphere at Data Mining.

Ironically, neither SOB nor Data Mining appears in the interactive map, but I’m pretty pleased to see this interactive map. As I commented at Data Mining, it’s fascinating stuff.

An interesting trend seems to be arising, and this incident highlights it: because I have named this weblog, and haven’t attached my name to it directly, people are starting to use SOB as my “name” when linking to me. This could produce a third major Google identity association for me — I’m already reasonably obvious under my legal name (Chad Perrin, with quotes, has about 22,000 hits as of this writing, of which most refer to me directly), and have about ten times as many Google hits for my most common online nickname (apotheon shows 184,000 hits at last count, of which more than 99% are direct references to me). I have a lot more competition in the Google popularity of those three letters, SOB, of course, which makes it a bit more difficult to get any kind of reliable statistics on how many Google hits relate directly to me.

I’ve been considering sticking my legal name up there somewhere at the top of the page. We’ll see.

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