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25 December 2008

We wish you a merry Xmas, and a happy new blogroll.

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The X in Xmas means “x-treme”.

I had a good day (other than falling asleep too late, waking too early, and having a headache for several hours). Good company, good gifts, good times, and good Internet connectivity most of the time thanks to a security unconscious neighbor and the fact I “accidentally” connected to that neighbor’s wireless network. Good food, too.

I decided to make some changes to the “blogroll” list of links in the right-hand column of SOB, here. I haven’t even looked at the blogroll links for a couple of years, so of course things were woefully out of date. I’m sure I’ve forgotten half a dozen or so things that really should be in the list, but I remembered two that belong to people actually in the same room as me right now, so at least I won’t be murdered in my sleep tonight.

If you think I forgot something that should be there, please let me know in comments.

I hope you’re all having some good vacation time. Even if you’re not having vacation time, I hope you’re having a good time. Best wishes to my readership.


  1. So people who celebrate xmas are extremasts?

    I forsee a bold new direction for the war on terror.

    Comment by Mina — 26 December 2008 @ 02:22

  2. Only if Bush declares martial law to keep himself in office, I think.

    Comment by apotheon — 26 December 2008 @ 09:19

  3. I’m elated to find that I have three of your fifteen entries — thanks much! Though I’m sure you’ll remember a few more to add (like, maybe, Reg?)

    Comment by Sterling Camden — 26 December 2008 @ 11:40

  4. I haven’t actually been following Homoiconic — I kinda lost the thread of RB’s stuff in the gap between Raganwald and Homoiconic, so now I’m going to follow the new writings in my feed aggregator for a while before deciding whether to add it to the blogroll. I’m pretty picky that way — kinda like how I won’t recommend NetBSD as a desktop system before I’ve used it that way myself (and I currently have no plans to try it out as a desktop system in the foreseeable future). I consider the “blogroll” links to be a form of recommendation, after all.

    I’m elated to find that I have three of your fifteen entries

    Well — thus far, every repository for your writing is something I like. Two of the three I included are yours alone, and in one of them you dominate the lineup. I haven’t added [GAS] because you’re actually substantially a minority of the writing staff there, to say nothing of the fact that the interface gets a little buggy once in a while (there was a period of a couple months this year when [GAS] pages rendered unreadably in Firefox, for instance).

    Comment by apotheon — 26 December 2008 @ 01:24

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