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10 December 2008

re: a couple people who linked to an SOB entry about Paizo

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I’ve been getting a little bit of a surge in traffic to How Paizo Fixed D&D today. It attracted a little bit of attention when it was new, and it is getting more attention now. Jonathan had this to say about How Paizo Fixed D&D at The Core Mechanic, in Of Pathfinder and Paizo:

It reads like a drama, and if you haven’t read it already then please check it out right now. Its awesome…

Jonathan — the same “jonathan” that posted a thoughtful (if brief) comment to How Paizo Fixed D&D — is a 4E player, but didn’t let that stand in the way of recommending my piece about Paizo to his readers, and I’m grateful. That, in fact, seems to be source of the lion’s share of traffic to How Paizo Fixed D&D today.

Another 4E player, Donny the DM, wrote a lengthy diatribe about all the problems he sees with Pathfinder RPG, his dislike for the PRPG community, and his general disdain for all things PRPGish and 3.5ish in The Fine Art of the TPK. He called it Grapeshot! Grapeshot for everyone! Or, a Pathfinder RPG Beta review of sorts. Like Jonathan, he too posted comments to How Paizo Fixed D&D and, again like Jonathan, what he had to say was thoughtful (though slightly less brief).

Both of these guys provide exactly the sort of commentary from people who disagree with me that I like — calm, respectful, and unwilling to just pretend they agree with me for the sake of false harmony.

As I pointed out in my response to Donny’s comments, the fact he (like Jonathan) hosts his Weblog at pretty effectively dissuades me from commenting there. I loathe the commenting interface, among other problems I have with — so hopefully they’ll take note of my response to what they had to say here. I also told Donny in my comment post that I think he’s somewhere out in left field in his (diatribe?) post at The Art of the TPK with some of his opinions about PRPG, but he managed to present his exaggerated statements of opinion in a manner I found funny. It’s worth reading for entertainment value, if you know anything about RPGs, if nothing else.

He opened (by the time I saw it) with:

Update: One of my fellow bloggers and sometime commenters has also spoken. While his opinion differs, I request that my three readers refrain from throwing old cabbages at him, or me for that matter.

I’m with him: no rotten cabbage missiles aimed at either of us, please.

I intend to write a more direct response to what Donny the DM said soon. In fact, I meant this to be that more direct response, but I kinda got off-track and ended up with the rambling nonsense you see before you, and decided it would be better to segregate the response from this . . . stuff.


  1. Thanks for the bump! and all the cabbages can be thrown at me! or at Wyatt… he loves cabbages. =D

    Comment by jonathan — 10 December 2008 @ 08:01

  2. Rather than waste everyones time commenting on two different posts, I’ll just camp here :)

    I am glad to see that your traffic has gotten a bump. While still pretty novice on this whole blogging thing (hence the blogger account) I try and give love when I can.

    I wont argue the pont further. We are both happy with our respective choices, and that is good enough for me!

    As to the funny, I try :P I found it helps set the tone for the comments, silly lolcats help too.

    PFRPG can live, but jesus their playtest boards need to be bleached, there are some real assholes there!

    Thanks for the linkback, and happy hunting!

    Comment by Donny_the_DM — 11 December 2008 @ 03:08

  3. I wont argue the pont further. We are both happy with our respective choices, and that is good enough for me!

    You might want to wait until you see my next SOB entry on the subject before making promises like that. Heh.

    PFRPG can live, but jesus their playtest boards need to be bleached, there are some real assholes there!

    There are people like that almost everywhere — including at ENWorld and WotC, both of which seem to harbor some really unpleasant pro-4E zealots.

    Thanks for the linkback

    My pleasure.

    Comment by apotheon — 11 December 2008 @ 03:18

  4. Lol! Fair enough. I look forward to it :)

    Comment by Donny_the_DM — 11 December 2008 @ 03:26

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