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23 November 2008

23 Nov. 2008: Cedar City, UT (and Grand Junction, CO)

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Cedar City has three exits from (i.e., entrances to) the interstate. The south end of Main Street turns into an on-ramp for I-15 southbound.

The police here are really ticket-happy. We saw probably eight of their cars — they look like Dodge Chargers painted black and white — last night, and only one of them wasn’t sitting behind some civilian’s car parked by the side of a road with its lights flashing.

Ninja Japanese is not a fast food place, no matter how the name sounds. I was bummed. It’s a Japanese steakhouse and sushi, um, thing. Bar? Restaurant? Whatever. I saw an item on the menu posted in the front menu for more than $30 and figured we should go elsewhere.

We ate at China Town. It’s a sit-down restaurant with fast — but slightly neglectful — service provided by what looked like a couple of High School cheerleaders. If you order one of the dinners, don’t expect it to come with rice unless you specify rice as a side. Seriously. The food was pretty good, though.

The Econo Lodge is a decent hotel, from what I’ve seen, for a cheap price. We reserved a room for $62 online, and when we got here we saw signs advertising something like $35 for a room. That’s the single bed, single occupant rate, apparently — but we got our rate knocked down to $42, or something like that. Make sure you ask about this sort of thing when you arrive, if you reserve a room in advance online. You should be able to get a slight discount.

There’s a big, huge Mormon book store in town. In the hotel directory it looks like a really cool bookstore until you come across the list items of stuff they have like “LDS books”, at which point it starts looking like something that would probably actually refuse to sell stuff like game books, and probably wouldn’t have any good computer books to speak of.

Grand Junction, CO has a Barnes & Noble, but the selection kinda sucks. The entire set of “professional” computer books is just two shelving columns. They did, however, have the necessary K&R — exactly one copy. Oh, yeah, and the average attractiveness of people in Grand Junction seems to be significantly lower than in Fort Collins.

So far, I’m finding that there’s nowhere good to go for books along this trip between Fort Collins, CO and Las Vegas, NV.

Grand Junction gas prices are good. So are Cedar City prices. The rest of the gas prices we saw were much higher (fifty cents or so, in many cases). We’ll be getting $1.71 per gallon gas to top off our tank before leaving town today, unless the price changed last night.

I expect gas will cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $3 in CA, so I’ll try to enjoy this while it lasts.


  1. 1.99 for regular here in WA.

    Comment by Sterling Camden — 24 November 2008 @ 03:51

  2. That’s highly irregular.

    Okay, so it isn’t — but it seemed like a good joke at the time it came to mind.

    In the area where we’re staying in CA, the gas at ARCO stations is actually about $1.99 as well. It gets as high as $2.45ish at some gas stations we’ve seen. We haven’t gone to Orange County or LA yet, though — where I expect prices are higher. It’ll be nice to get back to $1.65 (or lower?) at the gas station we use in northern CO.

    Comment by apotheon — 25 November 2008 @ 09:25

  3. I was also able to get a gas for $1.71 per gallon last Sunday at Grand Junction. Their gas prices are really good.

    Comment by Natur Usedom — 26 November 2008 @ 01:05

  4. I think we paid $1.73 in Grand Junction — a day before you got $1.71, so either it came down a couple cents that day or you found a cheaper gas station than we did. We didn’t look too hard, though, so it’s not at all difficult to believe we just didn’t get the cheapest gas in town.

    Comment by apotheon — 26 November 2008 @ 05:29

  5. $1.59 in KS.

    How many standard deviations out are the people in Grand Junction in comparison to Ft. Collins folk? Pastier? Rounder? Dumpier? Everyone looks bad in comparison to Ft. Collinsians. They’re so fit and hip. :)

    So, where have all the LDS gamers gone?

    Comment by Allison — 1 December 2008 @ 09:39

  6. $35 for a room? Thats a pretty good deal. Am sure the food is also not that costly? Good one.

    Comment by Tim — 1 December 2008 @ 09:47

  7. Surprised by the lack of B&N computer books. Ours here has plenty. About six book cases.

    Comment by Oscar Thibidoux — 12 December 2008 @ 03:39

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