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22 September 2008

Unforgiven: the modern Western man

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From What women don’t get about men:

Young men now seem to have reached a sort of affable affectionate ease with women that escaped earlier generations. They share beds happily and chastely. They are best friends. They talk about their feelings. But lust and libido and passion seem strangely absent. They’re dreadfully held-in-check, and prey to the body dysmorphias that for so long in the Age of the Image have victimised women. They go to the gym endlessly; they buy magazines devoted to the abdominal muscles; they gel and tan and sack-back-and-crack, vogue and pose, fret and pump iron, eat cabbage leaves and nibble on dry biscuits… but unlike women, who hope that this horror will end with them being desired, the young men just hope, I suspect, to be forgiven.

It’s an incredibly interesting read. Have a look — and draw your own conclusions.


  1. Yeah. I had an associate once with this kind of academic fascination with homosexuality and nubile girls and so forth. Wanted a future humanity consisting only of chaste young girls. It’s all fascinating and disturbing until it’s boring and feeble.

    In the right society at the right time a man would think nothing of slaughtering a whole town, burning it to the ground, and riding off with a little girl in a basket as a souvenir. Doesn’t make it right, any more than owning slaves, never mind having sex with them.

    You don’t get to have everything you want, even if you want it really bad. That goes for sex, property, loved ones not dying of Ebola, anything. This doesn’t mean that society is broken or arbitrary (society may be broken or arbitrary, but this doesn’t mean that). I don’t /want/ to be allowed to carry out any sexual notion that may come to me, as a sub-case of not being allowed unlimited power in general. There are a lot of significant specific issues with society relative to sexuality as with other subjects, that I would like to see improved, but these are specific issues and not a general hand-waving and saying, contemporary standards are arbitrary and pointless.

    For example, I would be uncomfortable getting legally married in this country, while homosexuals can not do so. It would be like drinking from the white water fountain.

    Comment by Anonymous — 23 September 2008 @ 05:37

  2. It’s disturbing is what it is.

    Comment by Joseph A Nagy Jr — 23 September 2008 @ 07:06

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