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21 August 2008

added a new spam filter plugin: YAWASP

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I got sick of the new moderation interface eating comments I tried to approve, so I decided to give Yet Another WordPress Anti-Spam Plugin a try. It evidently does some pseudo-Turing test spam comment bot filtering by futzing around with form fields and data that bots can see, but we the users cannot. Thus, it should in theory be impossible for it to produce any false positives — but it should do a reasonably good job of filtering out spam comments, too.

Here’s hoping it works. My apologies to anyone who tried to post a comment and never saw it appear because approving a comment wasn’t proof against it being deleted as spam.

If you have any problems posting comments, please use the contact link near the top of the right-hand column to let me know. If you try to post a comment and it doesn’t appear within 24 hours, that would be an indication of “problems posting comments”.

You may also have noticed (if you’re a regular) I changed the color scheme a bit. It’s unrelated.

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