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31 July 2008

the best girlfriend evar

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Background Part One

As you may have guessed from such ramblings as Real Orks, I rather like orks — at least when they’re done right. Part of the reason I use OD green 550 cord for boot laces is that they make excellent boot laces, but another part is that, like red laces for radical leftists and white for white supremacist skinheads, OD green 550 cord indicates ork supremacy.

Ha ha, only serious.

I almost compulsively rework orkish (and orcish) races in sword-and-sorcery fantasy RPG worlds I use so that they aren’t the strong-and-stupid joke that seems all too common in such games. I prefer them as a believable, usable race in their own right, without the sort of ludicrous racial stupidity and complete incapacity for, y’know, thinking things through that is common in mainstream D&D. Go read the above-linked Real Orks essay for details.

Background Part Two

My SigO is about nine kinds of coolness. Her laptop runs an open source OS (okay, so it’s a Linux distribution — nobody’s perfect — but it’s still open source, so there). She plays RPGs (like D&D and Pathfinder). She’s into programming and database administration, and works in a technical job (software support and client training). She has strong libertarian leanings. She reads a lot (rarer than it should be), helps edit my writings, and supports me in pursuing my goals all the time, to the best of her ability. Hell, she got me into World of Warcraft; that’s kind of a reversal of the typical gender roles in such things. Then, she topped that by giving a presentation on getting WoW working with Wine at the local Linux Users Group. How friggin’ cool is that?


A package arrived from UPS today, containing a t-shirt she bought for me from the Paizo Store. I get to wear this to the D&D game I’m running this evening:

It’s okay — jealousy is a natural reaction.


  1. Too cool, Chad; too cool.

    Comment by Joseph A Nagy Jr — 31 July 2008 @ 03:52

  2. Your girlfriend rules!

    Comment by Sterling Camden — 4 August 2008 @ 12:47

  3. Yes, she does.

    Comment by apotheon — 4 August 2008 @ 04:32

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