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8 July 2008

two simple perspectives on copyright

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For those of you who believe in free speech:

Copyright is censorship.

For those of you who believe in free markets:

Copyright is government granted monopoly.

There. That should cover it for everyone with a defensible position on something important, left, right, or center.


  1. And as so often happens, I’m in the middle. :) I believe the basic concept of copyright is important, but that it’s been twisted into something that benefits corporations, not creators. Copyright allows people to try to make money off of certain types of creative work, which gives them an incentive to actually produce that work. However, thanks to Disney, which gets copyright extended further and further every time they risk losing control of Mickey, it’s been turned into something that benefits corporations rather than creatives. If it could be turned back into something meant to protect creators rather than corps, I’d be happy with it. It’s silly to have copyright extend beyond the creator’s death, and I also think it’s kind of silly to have copyright extend beyond, I don’t know, maybe two or three decades, if the creator is still alive.

    Comment by heather (errantdreams) — 9 July 2008 @ 04:38

  2. […] two simple perspectives on copyright, I brought up some ways one can view copyright in a new light — a light not cast by the […]

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  3. Rather than respond to you directly, heather, I decided to write a completely new SOB entry to address your core point. Click on the above pingback link to see it.

    Before you read it, though, think on this: That entry is a counterargument. This entry is not; it is, instead, a basic argument all its own (or, rather, a pair of them). Can you actually dispute either argument with a reasoned counterargument? That’s not what you did, after all. The closest that you said comes to addressing what I’ve said here is offering an excuse for doing something that is, by the standards of my two simple arguments from two different perspectives, simply wrong.

    Comment by apotheon — 9 July 2008 @ 01:33

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