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11 June 2008

Webcast today: Email Security for Any Business

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As of yesterday, I’m apparently on the list of people involved in today’s TechRepublic Webcast, Email Security for Any Business:

              Wed., June 11th at 1pm ET / 10am PT / 17:00 GMT

    Business email security has never been more important. But even
    simple threat protection is costly--in both time and money--and
    difficult to maintain. What's the secret to robust protection AND
    simplified management?

    Join TechRepublic's live Webcast with Q&A, sponsored by Webroot, to
    learn more about the need for email threat protection as well as
    solutions and best practices!

You need to register for the Webcast to see/hear it “live”.

I have no idea who else will be in this one, or how many others are involved, and very little idea what it’s about. Seriously. “Email security” seems like a very broad subject area, but I figured I’d just play along and see how things pan out.

If any of you missed the previous TR Webcast that featured me (among others), Securing Networks Without Borders, you can talk to me in comments here (or by other means if you know how) for help in getting access to a recording of the Webcast.


  1. To my eyes “email security” reads “don’t run a server.” I imagine this discussion presumes you are one of those unfortunate souls who must.

    The sympathy card then, unless you don’t want to be invited again. Screw content. It’s been irrelevant for decades in most arenas.

    Comment by cat — 11 June 2008 @ 07:56

  2. The discussion was about more than just mail servers. Mail clients require security as well. Basically, it was about any and all aspects of business email policy and technology with regard to security. Subjects as diverse as phishing, employee management, virus propagation, and security assessment came up.

    Overall, I think it went well. The recorded Webcast is supposed to be ready by some time today. It may already be ready — I don’t know.

    Comment by apotheon — 12 June 2008 @ 09:36

  3. Well, as for email security, I pretty much never strayed from the following tools. For spam filtering I employed SpamAssassin (is there any other, rhetorically speaking). For virus control I used clam. iptables for firewall management and never running as root and knowing my attachments to keep potential threats potential. I also used network monitoring tools (I can’t remember the one I was using before I stopped using linux, for a time) to keep an eye on who was trying to connect to my box. I generally ignored all port 80 attachments as I was also running a web server, but any unusual activity (such as abnormal amounts of connection errors) I put a stop to as best as I could (which started out with an abuse report to the offenders ISP). I also used a tartrap to stop unwelcome spiders and bots from pulling valid email addresses from the content of my pages.

    The above setup worked very well to me and doesn’t seem it would be very hard to scale to a large corp.

    Hope this helps some.

    Comment by Joseph A Nagy Jr — 13 June 2008 @ 06:53

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