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6 June 2008

Bye bye, wisdom teeth.

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I’ve been home for a little over half an hour from my visit to the oral and maxillofacial surgeon. I got three wisdom teeth extracted (the other was extracted in 2001).

The procedure was done with only local anesthesia, so I was conscious and aware for the whole thing. There were a couple moments I wished I wasn’t, but that was fixed by adding more local anesthesia.

There were literally piece of teeth flying out of my mouth on occasion. The crackling and crunching noises were real eye-openers. What prompted the additional anesthesia was the agonizing feeling that resulted from pressure being put on my upper-left (from my perspective, not the OMS’s) wisdom tooth — something like the sensation of stepping barefoot on pavement on a bright sunny day, thinking the asphalt feels cool, then suddenly realizing it’s searing hot. Yeah, like the cold-feeling part, except much worse.

Pieces of tooth. Seriously. I think I swallowed a couple tooth chunks — once during the “procedure” and once while I was driving home — but most of my mouth is still numb so I sure couldn’t tell you with any certainty. I know I found a tooth fragment on the bib/napkin thing on my chest that they missed picking up. I found another one stuck to my lip when I got in the car and glanced in the rearview mirror to see if things were starting to swell yet (and to see whether my lips were all bloody).

I’m now sitting here in front of the computer, trying to figure out something that doesn’t require too much thought but will still occupy my time for a while, wearing a freezer-pack elastic sling thingy they gave me to apply cold to the side of my face. At one point, the OMS had some tool in my mouth and was kinda leaning into it to apply pressure to a wisdom tooth (at least, that’s what I imagine he must have been doing), and an errant thought crossed my mind: “All of medical science is still in the dark ages.” It was punctuated by a loud crunch. I’m just thankful the guy’s apparently good enough at his job that he didn’t slip and put a tool through the roof of my mouth.

At least, I don’t think he did. I guess I’ll know when the anesthetic wears off.


  1. Been there, and unless one has, one has no clue what you mean by “pain.”

    I actually had 8 wisdom teeth, and having had three of my upper front teeth knocked out in an accident, I had three roots embedded deep in the bone that needed to be removed in the same was as wisdom teeth. (dig ’em out)

    I did it all in one sitting, under nothing but the Novocain. The surgeon was the director of the dental teaching college at the University of Rochester, New York. One of the most prestigious dental/surgical programs on the planet.

    We yakked away about all manner of things, while 11 objects were dug out of the bones of my face. It took a couple hours, but this guy was good, the best. I had almost no pain afterward.

    I presently have numerous herniated disks in my back, no insurance, can’t afford the surgery. Talk about pain! And unbearable discomfort. I’m afraid I’ll be this way the remainder of my life. Pretty low quality, but I don’t complain.

    BTW the current occupant of that chair has offered me a break on getting an infected chunk of wire dug out of my lower jaw. It broke off when the surgeon who reassembled my jaw was trying to remove several wires he’d used. He got one, this one broke and he left a third intact. Makes for interesting xrays.

    But this fragment got infected about 5 years ago and really needs to come out.

    I still can’t afford it. So more ~ouch~

    Comment by cat — 6 June 2008 @ 02:28

  2. If it’s infected, you basically just need to find a way to afford it — payment plans, if they’ll let you.

    I probably would have put off my own extractions longer if it wasn’t for the fact they were starting to push on my teeth enough that I was afraid it would do permanent damage to the arrangement of my mouth to wait any longer. This hasn’t exactly been the least expensive year I’ve ever had, even without counting the dental work.

    Comment by apotheon — 6 June 2008 @ 03:05

  3. I had all four out back in the 80’s. The holes got infected, and I was out of work for a whole week. Terrible pain. Hope yours do better.

    Comment by SterlingCamden — 6 June 2008 @ 05:53

  4. Thanks. I feel much better now.

    Comment by apotheon — 6 June 2008 @ 06:08

  5. I had mine removed as well, although I was put under, and the whole thing was a strange experience. When I came to, apparantly I forgot English and spoke to my ex for about five minutes in Arabic (she doesn’t speak Arabic). I was aware of this at the time, though I guess I was too groggy to really care and couldn’t form a thought in English when I tried anyway.

    They also gave me antibiotics, and the label said something like “Take two twice a day for three days, and then once a day until finished” which I took to mean I should take two pills twice a day, and after the third day take two pills once a day. Turns out they meant after the three day mark to take one pill once a day, though I’m still not sure how I was supposed to figure that out from the wording on the bottle. This was an overdose apparantly and I ended up with splitting headaches and slept for about 14 hours a day until my ex picked up the bottle and asked me how much I was taking, and then told me I was suppsoed to be taking one per day.

    Incidentally I had my teeth removed a few days before my birthday, and it was on my 20th birthday that we figured out I wasn’t supposed to be taking that much in antibiotics. She first suspected I was having side effects when she took a picture of me and the flash triggered one of those headaches and I slept the remainder of the day.

    Hopefully your experience ends up better, heh.

    Comment by Mina — 7 June 2008 @ 05:20

  6. I guess, if nothing else, all of you relating your awful experiences might make me feel better because mine aren’t as bad. I hope they won’t be as bad, anyway.

    I’ve been living in mortal fear of dry socket for the last twenty-whatever hours. I had that problem with the tooth that was removed in 2001, and I really don’t want that problem again.

    Comment by apotheon — 7 June 2008 @ 05:30

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