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20 March 2008

This discussion will have been hilarious, when it happens.

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This is the best discussion I’ve read online in subjective-time years. Seriously. I mean, the page to which it links is hilarious (and reading it is useful for understanding some of the discussion), but the discussion at reddit actually manages to trump it quite handily.

There are some damned clever geeks on reddit.

Here’s a taste, including my explanation of Wikipedia edit wars:


Anyone else struck by the similarity to arguments on Wikipedia discussion pages? You can’t kill Hitler, it’s NPOV!


The time stream changed, and we can’t track down the precipitating event. It happens in 2054 now.


Actually, most so-called “vandalism” on Wikipedia is edits made in alternate timelines that existed only for a moment because someone changed the past, then someone else came along and prevented the change. The sheer density of knowledge in Wikipedia is one of the greatest dangers to the purity of the timestream because of the fact that it is producing a significant localized increase in the gravity of the situation (pun intended), causing distorting ripples as it approaches singularity.

Luckily, the “vandalism” cover story is holding.

Hopefully that helps explain how the invention of time travel will in fact have been a side-effect of an edit to the article on rocketry (related to WWII weaponry innovations). That edit will have been the tipping-point in the density of knowledge that will have produced the temporally distorting singularity just nanoseconds before the server crashes that will have wiped out all of Wikipedia in 2055, thus producing that side-effect in the nick of time.

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