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4 March 2008

News Flash: Don’t trust the news!

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I have known for a long time that I can’t really trust the mainstream media. There’s a lot of slant, bias, and generally crappy reporting. Corruption and dishonesty can sneak in all over the place (just ask Jayson Blair). The mainstream media news sources are also prone to ignoring a whole lot of news, for one reason or another — as proven by the major headlines Bosnia got while Rwanda, Zaire, and especially Eritrea were ignored.

Don’t forget about South Africa, for another example. In the ’80s, apartheid was in all the papers all the time. For the last decade, conditions have in many respects been significantly worse than they were — but nobody’s reporting on it, because nobody wants to admit that post-apartheid South Africa is a bad place. Apartheid needed to go, but that doesn’t mean that anything after apartheid is gone is necessarily good.

So . . . yeah, I’ve known for a long time that I can’t trust the mainstream media for my news. I get little bits and pieces from there, and look up more information online, reading between the lines and trying to fit in other information from sources outside the US. The way political parties other than the Republicans and Democrats have been marginalized should be proof enough of that all by itself.

I had no idea it was this bad, though. It never occurred to me to seriously consider the possibility that there was a pervasive, widespread, deeply rooted, concerted effort in progress to lie to the American people about the news. I thought things were just afflicted by common misconceptions and the occasional bad apple, plus some spin and slant injected by people in positions of power. Outright lying, though . . . ? I wouldn’t have guessed it.

The goings-on of the current race for the Republican party’s Presidential nomination have opened my eyes, though. CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, ABC News, and CBS News have all been “reporting” variations on the same set of lies for more than a year now about this race — probably longer, but that’s about all I can personally attest to.

From CNN:

McCain wins GOP nomination

Actually, CNN lies!:

As of today, McCain has 874 bound or pledged delegates and 33 unbound or unpledged delegates. He needs 1,191 BOUND delegates for the nomination.

Note: I have no idea how this person comes to the conclusion that McCain “has” 33 unpledged delegates. How does he “have” them if they’re “unpledged”?

That was before the Texas primary. That means that for McCain to have gotten to the 1,195 pledged delegates reported in the CNN article he would have to have picked up 321 pledged delegates already. Texas only gets 137 delegates that are actually pledged, and they don’t all get pledged to the “winner” of the state — they are apportioned according to the percentage take of the per-district primary vote. CNN’s numbers (possibly inflated) show McCain only getting 70 delegates pledged to him.

With only 377 pledged delegates left to be assigned, and McCain only getting 70 from Texas, that would mean that there are only 310 pledged delegates left to be won. McCain needs to get 251 of those to win the first round at the Republican National Convention.

So . . . has McCain won, as CNN states? No. Far from it. In fact, he’s 251 delegates short at present. He needs to win 81% of the remaining pledged delegates to do that, and even in Texas it looks like he fell well short of that number — so, as an indicator of future performance, Texas shows the RNC going to a brokered convention at this point.

To recap:

  1. CNN says McCain has more than enough votes so that he’s locked up the convention.

  2. The actual numbers show that it’s extremely improbable that he will actually have enough pledged delegates to lock up the convention.

  3. CNN lies.

  4. Don’t trust the mainstream media about anything.


PS: Ron Paul has basically locked up his Congressional district election.

In a landslide victory, Ron Paul wins the Republican party nomination for his Congressional reelection campaign. Since there’s no Democrat candidate for the office, and no stand-out candidates from other parties have appeared, he pretty much has that one locked up. This, despite the fact that mainstream media news sources have been pretending Ron Paul was going to lose his Republican nomination for Congress for the last couple months.


  1. Ron Paul? Who’s that? I think I saw a guy named Ron something or other on one of the debates but it all happened so fast I can’t be sure. Other than that I recall very little about some guy named Ron Paul being mentioned in the mainstream media.

    Of course I’m being a butt-head about it. I’m so sick of MSM’s coverage of the candidates I could puke. Even when he has been mentioned he’s been characterized as a Libertarian candidate from what little I’ve seen. Hello MSM! He’s a Republican candidate.

    I did my part in the Michigan election and voted for the right candidate along with the other 6% of us who are paying attention to what’s going on in America and what the real issues are that our country faces. I’m not even going to get started on THAT rant because every time I do I feel like I’m going to blow a gasket. It’s besides the point anyway. I really believe there should be an investigation into coverage of the various candidates, include coverage for Mike Gravel in that investigation too. The problem is that for the average American to realize that they’re being shafted they have to hear about it where? From the mainstream media. Fat chance!

    You might want to look it all up for yourself since I lost the link but I believe that there are only five companies controlling the MSM. Just five. They have a commonality among themselves and I’ll let you figure out for yourself just what they have in common. Jewish ownership Excuse me.

    I think our country is in deep shit and I think it’s getting deeper everyday. Control of the media is important, it’s easy to control the data that the average, non-geek, Joe and Jane Citizen receive. People would rather be spoon fed their news and views than be required to think.

    I could go on but I’ll blow a gasket now and besides, something more important is happening, American Idol is on.

    Comment by AlphabetSoup — 6 March 2008 @ 06:48

  2. I think Ron Paul, Mike Gravel, and Dennis Kucinich all got the shaft in the mainstream media. Even Huckabee and Edwards got sidelined a bit more than appropriate, for that matter, though obviously not to the egregious and dishonest degree Paul, Gravel, and Kucinich were marginalized.

    Five sounds like the right number for the mainstream media news sources. No more than six, surely, and I’d say probably not fewer than three. I haven’t done an exhaustive survey, though, so hard numbers for this are not in my head.

    I do recall reading about the strong Jewish ownership correlation, which is bizarre. I don’t regard that as any particular indictment of Jewish ownership of anything in particular, but it does seem like an odd coincidence — which makes me wonder if they might have other things in common that might lead to their respective families having been closely tied at some point in the past. I think it’s far more likely that their families being part of the same ethnic community at some point in the past is to blame than actual Jewishness (especially considering the Jews I know and the fact they’re not in on the conspiracy).

    re: the importance of the control of the media

    You might want to give this a read. Some of the foregoing material at Unqualified Reservations that led to that “summary” is pretty good in general, if you want to get into more depth. Of course, even his summaries are friggin’ huge, so you might not have the time this decade. I have to agree with a lot of his notions of the state of the nation and the importance of specific factors, but I’m not entirely sold on his plan for “taking back” the media.

    Comment by apotheon — 7 March 2008 @ 12:28

  3. I have the link you provided open in another tab for viewing later. Haven’t read a drop of it yet.

    I’m not sure what happened. I coughed and the words, “Jewish ownership”, got typed and I didn’t catch it in the preview.

    Just kidding.

    I don’t know what to make out of Jewish ownership either. I’ve read quite a bit about Zionist Jews and a lot of theories but I haven’t come to any particular conclusions for myself. I’m fairly open-minded about things yet. Some things.

    You want to see something that’ll throw a kink into your main-frame do a search for S.A.A.L.M. and take a look at this too:

    It’s a picture of a diplomatic passport. The S.A.A.L.M. is not exactly what I’d call a crackpot outfit, not anymore crackpot than the Bilderburg Group. I have at least one more picture I’ve grabbed that is just TOTALLY weird. I’ve seen pix of a meeting of S.A.A.L.M. where some of the attendees are the movers and shakers of the World, people such as Henry Kissinger and various royalty figures. Not the kind of people who waste their time on crackpot meetings.

    I’m interested in your take on S.A.A.L.M. if you do run a search on it. I have vague notions and have read some pretty outlandish claims about the group.

    You’re undoubtedly familiar with the term lunatic fringe. My experience has shown, of course, that they’re at both ends of the bell curve. The news and views from the ones at the upper end are the most interesting to read. I spend some time searching for their viewpoints. I’m not a mainstream kind of guy. One of the sites that I recommend for those interested in alternative viewpoints is You may or may not be familiar with it or have the time to sort the wheat from the chaff there. It’s my opinion that there is a lot of both.

    Since it’s impossible to have a true mini-me I believe that it’s best to never tell someone what to think. They’re better off if they learn something for themselves, then they own it. Some of the stuff at Rense challenges my beliefs in what’s real and what’s false. It can be an interesting place to visit if you have the time. I have the time. I’ve often thought about publishing a few articles there but just haven’t done it. My old lazy bones keep me from pursuing that idea. I’d rather watch the show most of the time than take an active role in it.

    Back on topic-you knew I’d get here right?- I’ll read what’s at the link you gave me. Not sure when but I’ll give it a once-over anyways. I know that I’d like to see us come back to a free and unencumbered press but I don’t believe it’s going to happen in my lifetime. Shoot, at least one of the major networks, I think it’s NBC that gave a tour on the tube, anyway they have a clock set-up, apart from the others, showing what the time is in Jerusalem, Israel. Not that it means anything but I wonder why it’s separated from the others. It’s just weird. It’s like when I was overseas working in India. I had a watch that would show two time-zones. One of them was always set to time at home and that’s the one that was most important to my daily work-schedule. It’s quite possible that it means nothing, after all, it’s just a clock and my perception.

    It’s my opinion that the Internet is our best hope to get news and views we can use. Blogs are great for that. I have a wealth of news sources right at my fingertips. Just because I do go to doesn’t mean that I live there. I check out a lot of places and won’t bore you with details. What I see while browsing is the same thing you’ve mentioned here, MSM not only doesn’t report the news they’ll make up their own. Dan Rather took a serious hit when he reported what he thought to be the truth. Love her or hate her Rosie O’Donnell got smacked down when she started talking unfavorably against mainstream media on “the View”. Don’t get your “view” at “The View”. Unfortunately a lot of people do.

    It’s a sad state of affairs. As I’ve stated, I’m pessimistic that anything is going to change for the better. If you see anything positive pointing to that I hope you’ll post it in your blog.

    There is something else I’d like to see you write about if it interests you. What is your take on the recent California decisions to eliminate home schooling for children? I’ll let you track down info on that subject for yourself if you’re interested. I think it’s better that way.

    Comment by AlphabetSoup — 7 March 2008 @ 10:44

  4. I’m not familiar with either SAALM or, though I’ll look into them at some point in the near future. Thanks for pointing them out to me as things to look into.

    I know that I’d like to see us come back to a free and unencumbered press but I don’t believe it’s going to happen in my lifetime.

    I’m not terribly optimistic about that, either. I’m ever hopeful, but don’t really expect that my hopes will be realized. I’d be quite pleased, at this point, just to get some press I could reasonably trust that provides somewhat comprehensive coverage, so I could just ignore the mainstream media news sources entirely rather than having to check out what they’re saying and try to read between the lines as well as reading the fringe press and trying to figure out what they are lying about, omitting, and so on, to fill in the gaps of what’s being ignored by the mainstream. It’s a lot of work — and I guess part of my motivation for wanting a trustworthy press that provides significant news coverage is laziness.

    It’s my opinion that the Internet is our best hope to get news and views we can use. Blogs are great for that.

    I agree, absolutely. I get far more — and far more useful and honest — news online than I could ever get from prime time TV news. It’s more work to get, but it’s worth it.

    As I’ve stated, I’m pessimistic that anything is going to change for the better. If you see anything positive pointing to that I hope you’ll post it in your blog.

    In general, I try to mention the important stuff here. Sometimes, my active interest engine runs a little low on fuel and I have to idle a bit until I can re-stoke the furnace (so to speak), and during those times my tendency to post what I learn falls even further behind my energy for seeking out information — but I think it’s important enough to share the, err, important stuff that I do make an effort to keep at it. Knowing there are people reading helps me quite a bit to motivate myself.

    What is your take on the recent California decisions to eliminate home schooling for children? I’ll let you track down info on that subject for yourself if you’re interested. I think it’s better that way.

    You must mean the bit about requiring homeschoolers to have teaching credentials. I think that’s a perfectly reprehensible attempt to screw over people that threaten to wrest some power back from the State, and I’m not in the least surprised that it happened in California. The general lack of anything positive in California politics is one of the reasons I moved out of the state back in 2003, and I do not intend to ever move back. No, a job with Google is not even close to enough to make me consider it. Any reason for moving back to California would probably have to be political in nature — and, considering the politics of California, that would have to be a big political reason.

    I haven’t looked into the homeschooling situation in California in too much depth, though I think I know enough that I can come to a working assumption about the matter sufficient to let me focus attention on other areas of interest (such as getting Marilyn Musgrave replaced as my district’s Representative to the House, watching for the effects of DC v. Heller in the Supreme Court starting on the 18th of this month along with the side-effects of that in places like Montana, and so on).

    Anyway . . . I really appreciate your thoughtful responses here at SOB. Please keep it up, as you feel inspired to contribute. As I said over there, I didn’t notice this comment of yours until tonight for some reason — I have no idea how it escaped my attention. I’m glad I finally found it. If there are any others you’ve posted that I haven’t addressed recently, please let me know — it was probably an oversight.

    Comment by apotheon — 12 March 2008 @ 11:25

  5. I stay current with your writing and appreciate your recent comments. I’ll be around.

    Comment by AlphabetSoup — 13 March 2008 @ 06:05

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