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10 January 2008

bear with me

Filed under: Metalog — apotheon @ 08:30

Yesterday, my webhost temporarily lost all the settings on my account for domain management. Once they came back (magically, on their own, as far as I can tell) WordPress started acting up. I’m trying to sort out the cause of the problem.

UPDATE: My temporary fix is to change the theme. I may change it back. I may pick a whole new one. If you have any suggestions, want to express any preferences, et cetera, feel free to let me know in comments here.


  1. Comments show an error when you try to post them right now. They still post, though. I’ll try to get around to fixing this, too.


    Comment by apotheon — 10 January 2008 @ 08:43

  2. Sounds to me like the backup/restore plan only held on to user data, not the OS, so they had to build out a new server super quick, and a few settings are not the same as the old server. Just a guess, if I had a guess.

    Could be worse, while trying to rebuild PHP a while back, to include JPEG support for a photo gallery, I somehow hopelessly broke my CMS, and I haven’t had a Web site in ages now. YEARS of search engine work to get top rankings for certain topics, down the tubes. I really need to get that fixed and sorted out, because I have a lot of content I want to start publishing there too.

    You went from having the “apotheon” brand to TR, I need to go the other way around now. ;)


    Comment by Justin James — 10 January 2008 @ 10:27

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