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9 January 2008

! MSN Messenger

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No more MSN Messenger for me!

Something got hosed up in my ability to authenticate with MSN Messenger.

To get my password reset, MSN requires me to either:

  1. have a maintained Hotmail account I can access, or
  2. remember my mailing address from when I first signed up for Hotmail about nine years ago.

Obviously, neither of these things is happening.

I first started using MSN Messenger because I was dating someone who could only use MSN Messenger at work. These days, I don’t have that problem. As such, I will not go through the trouble of creating a new MSN Messenger account at this time. If you talked to me via MSN Messenger, you may want to consider altering your IMing habits so that you can talk to me on a less odious IM network.

Have a nice day.

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