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16 April 2007

guns, guns, everyw- . . . no, more like “almost nowhere” today

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  1. There was a very widely publicized shooting spree at Virginia Tech today. At least 33 died when someone locked himself inside a building on Virginia Tech campus, started shooting people, and eventually shot himself.
  2. In March, a man with a concealed weapon saved a woman from death by stabbing and burning. Her husband stabbed her “at least ten times”, poured fuel over her, and prepared to set her on fire, but a passer-by saved her life and held the husband bent on murder at gunpoint until the police arrived.
  3. Oleg Volk (if you’re not familiar with him, you probably should be) has already created an excellent illustration of some of the facts of the Virginia Tech situation. He’s quick.

Think of the above as “1 + 2 = 3”. There’s a logical progression of concepts here.

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