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20 March 2007

my first-ever guest blogger

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I mentioned Chip’s Quips in the SOB entry just before this one. As it happens, Sterling “Chip” Camden (author of both Chip’s Quips and Chip’s Tips) is going to be my guest blogger here between Thursday, 22 March and Tuesday, 27 March while I’m out of town.

I have no idea what my online access is going to be like while I’m away, other than the fact that it will be reduced, and that Saturday will be a day without computers for me. With luck, I’ll be able to check email on Friday and either Sunday or Monday, but beyond that, I’m not planning on much ‘net access, so don’t wait up for me. I’ll be reading about programming, I’m sure, but probably not actually doing any programming.

Check in here daily (or subscribe to the RSS feeds) to see what Sterling has to say. No, really. If he’s good enough for me to read daily, he’s good enough for you.

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  1. […] Not only is this the first-ever guest post on SOB, it’s also my first guest post anywhere. I’ll do my best to give you something approaching the apotheonic while Chad’s away. Not that I could imitate apotheon. But hopefully you’ll at least find enough interesting content here to keep your mouse off the kill switch for a few minutes. […]

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