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29 January 2007

the Software Liberation Front

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If you’ve been paying any attention at all, you’ve probably noticed that I’m something of a fan of the open source software development model. I’ve written articles about such subjects as open source software security, and have commented on my choice in Linux distributions (Debian), and my subsequent decision to move on to FreeBSD (which I much prefer).

If you’ve been paying a bit more attention, you may have noticed that I’m not a fan of “intellectual property” law. If you’ve been paying even more, you’ve probably run across two essays here at SOBMS: Freedom is Slavery; FSF: Slavery is Freedom and RMS and the FSF: one map, one flashlight, no ass in sight — that make it pretty clear I’m not the cheerleader for the Free Software Foundation and its intellectual pressgang of hangers-on. I find the GPL to be a particularly poorly-conceived, monomaniacal, sustained assault on corporate software, and useful for basically nothing else (including protection of software users’ interests, or even rights).

A friend (Ogre) and I conceived of the idea that became the Software Liberation Front a few months ago. In fairly short order, it had grown into a fully-formed plan for launch of a website, complete with some requirements in mind for how to choose a webhost, and the registration of two out of three domain names we wanted to point at the site (specifically, and A cross-country trip, new work projects, and holidays suddenly got in the way before we’d chosen a webhost, and it ended up on the back burner by default.

A few days ago, I decided to bring up the subject again. I arranged a temporary webhosting solution for the site and acquired the last domain name we needed — — while discussing the site launch with Ogre. As of late Friday night, the site was live.

Head on over and have a look. Check out the Help Us page, if you think it sounds like a good idea and something you’d like to see make a difference. Have a chuckle at our expense. Spread the word. Whatever whets your whistle.

Link to the SLF. You know you want to.


  1. […] If you’re feeling more or less equally enslaved by the feudalistic monopoly of Microsoft and the forced labor camps of Richard Stalin Stallman, then you should consider joining the newly launched Software Liberation Front. Founded by Ren (aka apotheon) and Ogre (identity unknown), their mission is to enable free software to be truly free. Forced freedom is not freedom. […]

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  2. I’ll join (and I’ve read how on the website) but not until I get home net access again. (: That way I can really do some good.

    Comment by Joseph A Nagy Jr — 31 January 2007 @ 04:42

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