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9 January 2010

The 2009 Haul, Part 1

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Christmas this year was postponed. The SigO and I were going to go visit her relatives, who would be gathering in (of all places) Nebraska. The usual plan is to have two Christmases, one for each of her parents (who are both married to other people these days), and this year would be no different.

It turned out that the storm the week of Christmas would not allow us to make the trip, however, and other members of the family were unwilling to do so as well. As a result, it got postponed for a couple weeks.

Finally, we got together. At the first of two Christmases, my haul included (most notably):

  • The Future of the Internet — and How to Stop It by Jonathan Zittrain

    It looks like an interesting read, and touches on subjects related to freedom, economics, technology, and futurism, all of which are obsession hot-spots for me. I haven’t the foggiest yet how much I’ll disagree with the author, but unless it’s just poorly written I’m sure I’ll find it a worthwhile investment of time.

  • Hackers by Steven Levy

    I put this on my Amazon wishlist entirely on the strength of its reviews. I know nothing about it other than what I’ve read about it at Amazon, but it looks thoroughly interesting.

  • In Search of Schrödinger’s Cat by John Gribbin

    I borrowed and read this book years ago. It’s a great book. Now, I have my own copy, and I will be pushing it on my SigO.

  • An Introduction to Economic Reasoning by David Gordon

    I’ve heard really good things about this book. One of the great things about well-written introductory books about economics is that they tend to provide some interesting insights into the real-world application and consequences of economic theory, where more technical works are usually just plodding explanations of orthodoxy with sullen, thinly veiled bias tucked between the lines (at least in my experience). The latter are definitely important to read if you want a deeper understanding, but they’re far less enjoyable a lot of the time.

  • The Little Schemer by Friedman and Felleisen

    A Web search or perusal of Amazon’s reviews should be enough to tell you why this is of interest to me. The book is legendary — almost as much so as SICP among Scheme programming books.

  • The Magicians by Lev Grossman

    The reviews for this novel are mixed, to say the least, but the premise is novel (har) enough that I definitely wanted to give it a shot. Now that I have it, I can.

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