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28 November 2006

the trend of anti-liberty Republicans continues

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Newt Gingrich wants to restrict freedom of speech. He says we may need a “different set of rules” to prevent terrorists from being able to recruit. His primary target for curtailment of free speech seems to be the Internet. Amongst the FUD he’s peddling to try to generate support for the violation of the First Amendment is some scare-mongering about the possibility that we could “lose a city” to terrorists.

There’s some question that he might run for President in 2008, but he says he won’t make a decision about that until 2007. Let’s not elect this guy to anything, please — anything at all, let alone the Presidency.

With that kind of approach to securing our freedoms (burning the village to save it), I’ve gotta wonder if some of these guys might not just be intentionally trying to sink the entire Republican Party.

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  1. Amazing. Strangely, Newt wants to promote the study of the sciences in schools. He’s not the typical ultra-conservative, but apparently he’s just as dangerous to our freedoms.

    Comment by Sterling Camden — 29 November 2006 @ 05:54

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