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19 September 2009

unordered lists in comments

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I finally decided to do something about the CSS formatting of unordered lists in comments. Previously, they were (for some asinine reason) styled so that the only indications they weren’t part of the normal comment text were:

  1. the font was larger

  2. the block of text that was the unordered list had a faint, thin border on the left

Unordered lists in comments actually looked surprisingly similar to the way blockquotes are styled in comments. That just wasn’t kosher.

The problem arose because the theme I’m using is a modification of one of the default themes, but I’ve made some changes and renamed it to keep it separate during version upgrades (so the changes won’t be overwritten). This was just another such change that needed to be made, though less for purposes of looking decent than for purposes of not being stupidly designed in this case.

Anyway, hopefully that’ll make some comments where people use unordered lists a little clearer to read.

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