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7 September 2009

OWL 0.7

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The Open Works License has been updated to version 0.7, basically because I realized I had (perhaps stupidly) included part of the disclaimer in the conditions. On the upside (for simplicity), this change means the license only has two conditions now rather than three. On the downside, this means the disclaimer is now two sentences, rather than one.

The words “modified or unmodified” have been added to both of the two conditions of the license as well.


I’m considering adding Google AdSense ads to the OWL site. The fact I got a $1+ click on an advertisement on the site for a license I don’t even use any longer (the CCD CopyWrite license) is what got me thinking about this. Thoughts?

(For those readers who haven’t noticed, this is the license used for all original content here at SOB.)

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