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17 October 2006

this morning’s blog spam irony

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There are, I’ve noticed, some patters to weblog comment spam. One indicator is a very generic positive comment that could be applied to basically any weblog post anywhere — which is probably important if you want your weblog spam to look like a legitimate comment while still letting your spambot do the posting for you. Another indicator is when the post to which a particular comment responds is six months old and more than a hundred posts ago. Yet another is an obviously commercial website URL entered into the URL field for the comment, the idea of course being that the “name” used for the comment post will be turned into a link to that URL (generating increased Google PageRank and hopefully luring click-happy tourists in the weblog to that commercial website). There are a number of other indicators as well, and they’re just indicators (not hard-and-fast rules for identifying weblog spam) but those are a small sampling that are particularly relevant this morning.

This morning, those three indicators converged in a single attempt to spam SOB. The text of the spam comment (which of course went straight into the moderation queue rather than being displayed) was:

Good observation, your ideas are right on.

I won’t reproduce the URL here, because I don’t care to reward spammers, but it was clearly commercial and had something to do with outsourcing. The post to which it attempted to reply, though, was what made this instance of attempted weblog comment spam so deliciously ironic: a bit about the blog spam situation

Ain’t life grand?

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