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14 October 2006

Mark your calendars.

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October 17th is the day President and Petty Tyrant in Chief George W. Bush intends to sign the Military Commissions Act into law. We all knew he was a wannabe dictator by now (at least I hope we all do — those who don’t, you should learn to read), so this isn’t a huge surprise. The problem is the wankers in the Senate and House of Representatives who voted for this bill, known to some as “The Torture Bill”. It essentially reduces the prohibition against torture by US governmental officials to a mere admonishment that they shouldn’t do anything that leaves marks. Otherwise, torture is A-Okay.

Of course, despite all the press this gets as the Torture Bill, that’s not the biggest problem with the Military Commissions Act (check the BORDC website for a brief summary of some of the Act’s talking points). As much as that is a major problem, it pales beside the significant defanging of the power of the courts to issue and implement a Writ of Habeas Corpus. Habeas corpus is, in essence, the legal precedent that keeps the government from “legally” making people vanish in the night without due process, without probable cause, and without hope of ever seeing daylight again. The United States government is taking a significant step toward the worst any oppressive regime has to offer. I mourn the inexorable loss of liberty here.

If you’re curious about who to vote for or against this November when a bunch of Congresscritters come up for (re)election, you should check out this voting record on the Military Commissions Act. The Congressional districts are listed, so you can check political maps of Congressional district divisions to see who’s supposedly your “representative” in the federal legislature. The people who fucked you over are very helpfully listed in blue. Never vote for them (again).

If you don’t start voting for Libertarians now, you may as well kiss your ass goodbye.


  1. doesn’t it still have to pass the senate?

    Comment by sosiouxme — 14 October 2006 @ 09:46

  2. Unfortunatly I don’t think there’s a libertarian candidate in Rhode Island. I’ve checked the and no such luck. I do know there’s three independent candidates running here, but googling their names doesn’t give any relevant pages- it makes my life considerably more difficult when they don’t have a web presence.

    I plan on showing up to the voting booth in november anyway, given the amount of referendums that are on. There’s several billions worth of spending referndums, and one that will marginally increase the voting rights for felons if it passes.

    It figures that the first election I’m convinced enough to vote libertarian, there’s none to vote for.

    Comment by Mina — 14 October 2006 @ 09:51

  3. sosiouxme: It already passed the Senate.

    Mina: All four of your Congresscritters — both of the Represenatives and both of the Senators — voted against the Military Commissions Act. It looks like you’re relatively safe to ignore any Congressional elections you may be facing this November, at least, if there aren’t any candidates that actually positively stand for a set of beliefs you find palatable — unless there are very strong candidates running against them on “stronger homeland security” campaign platforms, of course. I think I’d find it pretty depressing to live in a state with a small enough population to make it difficult to support a credible Libertarian candidacy, though. I feel for you.

    I guess, if you feel strongly enough about it, there’s always the option of moving somewhere with a Libertarian Party candidate. Hah.

    Maybe there’s opportunity to start organizing LP candidacies for 2008, if you care to get that involved. Good luck, whatever you do.

    Comment by apotheon — 15 October 2006 @ 01:07

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