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18 September 2006

recent downtime

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Some of you may have noticed that SOB went down yesterday morning. It’s back now (obviously). Some cash flow issues intersected unhappily with the due date for a webhosting payment. As a result, the next year’s webhosting ended up costing me roughly 150% of the usual cost. Whee, fun.

This is what happens when a $600 check I was expecting doesn’t arrive for more than a month (so far). Luckily, I was able to make other arrangements.


  1. We’re just glad you’re back. (:

    Comment by Alex — 18 September 2006 @ 07:33

  2. Yay, you’re back! I can continue browsing though the archives now :)

    Comment by Mina — 18 September 2006 @ 08:41

  3. Thanks, guys.

    Comment by apotheon — 18 September 2006 @ 09:43

  4. ‘s ok, no-one died because of it. & $heet just happens some times. (now, just why does it usually happen to me???) Anyway, it’s good to see you’re still plink’n. -d

    Comment by dawgit — 19 September 2006 @ 09:44

  5. Hey, welcome to SOB, dawgit. Took ya long enough to say something.

    Comment by apotheon — 19 September 2006 @ 09:50

  6. Good thing they didn’t delete your archives. Glad you’re back in the Googlesphere.

    Comment by Sterling Camden — 19 September 2006 @ 12:42

  7. I’m amused, now that I think about it, that you just called all the Web “the Googlesphere”. My how things change.

    . . . and thanks for the welcome.

    Comment by apotheon — 23 September 2006 @ 03:18

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