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13 September 2006

a quick response to Joel’s most recent folly

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Yesterday, Joel Spolsky posted a continuing defense of his anti-Ruby rant, Language Wars. This new bit of linguistic anti-advocacy is called Ruby Performance Revisited. My initial knee-jerk reactions follow:

  • He doesn’t understand duck typing very damned well.
  • His performance figures are ridiculous.
  • He still seems incapable of understanding that it’s sometimes a good idea to use libraries written in a language other than the core project language.
  • He sure is hung up on benchmarks.
  • He backpedals very quickly in the last paragraph on his original suggestion that Ruby is almost universally unsuitable for production development, though he does so in an understated manner as if this new pronouncement is what he has been saying all along.

More about “outsourcing” your performance-intensive functionality can be found at David Heinemeier Hansson’s Outsourcing the performance-intensive functions, which I stumbled across after composing the above list of reactions to Joel’s commentary. DHH, in case you are not aware, is the creator of Rails (as well as being a new TLA).

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