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30 April 2009

PPR: The Graveyard Book

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Book Review from the Pocket Pistol: The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman (Roughly 300 Pages)

This was a very quick read, and quite enjoyable. I can see why it’s marketed as a children’s book in the US, even though its themes are rather dark. I can see why it’s marketed as an adult’s novel in the UK, too.

There’s a distinct whimsicality to the narrative voice employed by the author that makes it actually fun to read. I found it easy to get absorbed, and discover I had read half the book in one sitting when I just meant to read a couple chapters and get to sleep. There’s a folksy quirkiness to it that is characteristic of many of the author’s other writings, and makes reading it feel just a little bit like sitting around a campfire while a master storyteller weaves a tale. It also makes some of the most absurd unrealities of his books, including this one, much easier to accept within the context of the story.

Some of the ideas explored in the book are fascinating, and are developed just enough to really grab the reader, then left unfinished enough to leave the reader wanting more. All in all, it’s excellent, light reading material, with a hint of greater depth that got me thinking and imagining more beyond the end of the book — the kind of thing everyone seems to think the Harry Potter books were, but weren’t really when compared to a masterful piece of storytelling like this.

I give it three bullets out of five.

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