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20 April 2009

the obvious use of a tax rebate

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I have an idea for how we can start helping to reform our own government — specifically, the way it has become a farcical mockery of itself, where people are convinced to vote for “lesser evils” when there are greater goods available, largely by a combination of strong imbalances in media exposure and self-fulfilling prophecies like “a third party candidate has no chance”. The idea’s really simple:

When you get your tax refund/rebate this year, set it aside until you find a candidate who doesn’t toe the mainstream party line of either the Republican or Democratic party. Once you have such a candidate in mind, donate that money you’ve set aside to that candidate’s campaign.

A more logical choice, actually, would be to figure out how much money the US government is taking from you — everything but your rebate — and donate that to the candidate of your choice. I figure that’s less likely to actually convince anyone to donate money to a good candidate, though, so let’s go with the rebate.

Only one rule: you should definitely not donate that money to a candidate because he’s a Democrat or Republican, and thus more likely to win than another candidate you’d actually like more but think can’t win. Even if you’re going to vote for a “lesser evil” again like an idiot, you should donate some money to a candidate you think would qualify as a greater good. Why not help eliminate one of the two factors that you use to justify your support for evil — the lack of media exposure? Maybe some day your stupid excuses will evaporate under the weight of ungodly numbers of dollars in campaign contributions.

Yeah, I know, I’m not really being particularly encouraging to people who vote for the “lesser evil”. I just have a really difficult time being tolerant of the intolerable. If you hate me for it, big deal. Whatever makes you feel better. Don’t let that dissuade you from seeing the logic of the idea of donating tax rebates to the campaigns of candidates that might actually help improve your ability to make money, live your life as you like, and donate to causes you can feel good about (rather than just those that, at best, don’t make you feel as bad as something so bad it makes you feel nauseous).

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