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17 August 2006

My business model sucks. I blame you.

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I’m amused by the frequency with which I find myself telling people variations on “It’s not my fault your business model sucks!” these days. Did I just not notice how much people try to push responsibility for their failures on others before this, or is this a phenomenon that is actually worsening with the passage of time?

In response to the recent Chip’s Quips entry titled Revolting peasant metaphor, I found myself pointing out to some apparently chronic whiners that a failure to produce content people want to read or to promote it effectively is not the fault of me, of society, of the technologies in use, of the A-list webloggers, or even (at least for the most part) of one’s parents. It is, in fact, largely the fault of poor writing, poor choice of subject matter, poor judgment of what the public wants to see, poor goal identification, and/or poor marketing for the Internet market (hint: trackbacks/pingbacks have a significantly positive social effect on your weblog’s incoming link love, so don’t be stingy — this Web 2.0 thing’s core economic point seems to be encouraging good behavior though technological mechanisms rather than authoritarian enforcement). This sort of approach to telling people to get over themselves seems to be a regular hazard of reading the common whinging of t3h Intarw3bs these days.

Is this a growing social phenomenon? Is this tied to the apparent growth of entitlement culture, fed by Democratic politicians’ election campaigns and left-wingnut exhortations to redistribute wealth until everyone is equally destitute? Is there some connection between the C-list webloggers’ whining about lack of A-list success and the trend in recent decades of increasingly validating the impulse in toddlers (of all ages) to blame everyone but themselves for “enabling” their failures and stupidities?

Should we blame “society” because your business model sucks?

Ninety-eight percent of your failures are your own damned fault. Learn from your mistakes so that percentage doesn’t climb.


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  2. Oh come on. All businesses are beautiful just the way they are:


    On a more serious note, I agree with you. (And developed a couple of thoughts on the same topic.)

    Comment by John Koetsier — 17 August 2006 @ 07:36

  3. So I see, John — good thoughts, which have sparked further thinking in my own noggin. Anything that makes me think more is, all else being equal, excellent.

    That “all businesses are beautiful” image is warped, though, and made my teeth ache. Good times.

    Comment by apotheon — 18 August 2006 @ 12:32

  4. I must admit to some surprise at the level of venom in this letter. I thought it went that “You ask for Advice” and the person asked answers in the best possible terms. However to blame your failures on him is incredibly juvenile and absurd. It’s up to you to evaluate your market, decide if the Job is going to work and then make the decision based on “All gathered” information as to whether or not to continue. There is a Business rule and I feel it applies here also, goes like this. “Always See The beginning, the Middle and the End”,and if the end is blurry and you can’t see it, DO Not Start, you’ll only end up on your face. I think it’s very unfair to blame Apotheon for your own lack of Judgment,Good Sense and Business acumen. Next time, take the advice, but follow your own instinct based on your own info. Chances are you’ll succeed much better. Good Luck Regards Aaron

    Comment by Aaron A Baker — 22 August 2006 @ 10:09

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  6. You suck, boy!

    signed: your momma

    Comment by Agnus — 30 December 2008 @ 10:40

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