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7 March 2009

Stan Muad’Dib

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I’m currently in Abalama for the US vs. Switzerland Davis Cup . . . stuff. This is a trip that has been planned for a long while, and it looks like I’ll be going from here to Florida for stuff related to my grandmother’s memorial service. In the meantime:

Things Misheard, Misread, or Mis-said In Alabama
  • The Tennis Messiah: Across the arena from where we’re sitting is a huge group of Swiss tennis fans, there to support the Swiss team. There’s this chant they keep using to encourage the Swiss players, most notably Stanislas Wawrinka (pronounced roughly “Vahv-Reen-Kuh”). In the echoing arena, from across the courts, it sounds for all the world like they’re chanting Muad’Dib (which seems a little high-flown for Stanislas).

  • Boondock Hair Color: I’m sure many of you have heard of Just For Men. The term has been used in reference to a novel I was given for Christmas this year called The Four Just Men, though — kind of a prototypical Boondock Saints — ever since the first time it was misread that way by the person who gave it to me.

  • Who is Chist, and Why is he Temped?: Apparently, my SigO‘s father once labeled a VHS tape “The Last Temption of Chist”. It was basically a typo, using those little vinyl square letter stickers you can buy on a sheet to use for labeling things. The same time I got The Four Just Men given to me, by the SigO’s sister, my SigO gave the sister a copy of The Last Temptation of Christ. Hilarity ensued.

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