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4 October 2010

Blogstrapping, Finally

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Just over three years ago, I wrote an entry here at SOB entitled Blogstrapping, in which I mentioned I was “planning to spin off a development weblog from SOB.”

I then said:

At first, the main focus is likely to be on writing weblog software, since the idea of this spin-off is that I will be writing a weblog application, and will be using it as I write. It’ll be the ultimate expression of the concept of “eating my own dog food”, as the expression goes.

It has taken me almost three and a half years to get around to it. I’ve had other things on my plate and, as I mentioned in The Virtues Of Lump — the inaugural entry at blogstrapping — laziness has served as the key motivation behind my procrastination. Perhaps ironically, I think that procrastination was probably for the best; I think I am actually in a better headspace for this project now than I was at the time.

Anyway . . . the wait was long, but it appears to be over. I’m working on development of the CMS application I use for blogstrapping at a pretty good clip so far. You can see the blogstrapping version of this entry, the “hello world” of the new development Weblog, if you like: Blog Strap Ping

. . . or just check out the main page of blogstrapping and follow links from there. There’s an RSS feed, too, complete with autodiscovery that should be recognized by modern browsers like current versions of Firefox. I still need to work on perfecting the generation of the RSS feed, but I believe it should work with (most?) RSS readers.

That’s where I’ll likely be sharing most of my thoughts about software development from now on. Of course, I’ll also be contributing a couple times a month to the Programming column at TechRepublic from now on. The subject matter of such articles will likely vary (perhaps subtly) from that of my blogstrapping entries, however.

Thanks for reading. I hope you like the new venue.

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