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1 February 2010

I don’t know what came over me.

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I’ve been running a PRPG campaign via IM chats once a week, using Paizo’s Legacy of Fire Adventure Path. We haven’t gotten far yet — too much actual roleplaying has gotten in the way of actual progress through the AP (much to the delight of n8, a player who was amongst the recurring members of my gaming group back in the early ’90s and has been a friend of mine since the ’80s). Um. Right. Onward, to the point.

So, anyway, as I was going through logs from last week’s session in preparation for this week’s, I found some amusing little exchanges over which I had a chuckle, and one in particular that boggled my mind.

Setting the scene: It took us (no shit) 31 minutes and 49 seconds of fucking around with Pidgin to get a chat session working. Once we finally got one working so everybody could participate in the game, it was apparently too late — I had already lost my tenuous hold on sanity. This is what I said (names changed to protect the guilty):

(21:34:50) n8 entered the room.

(21:34:50) SigO entered the room.

(21:34:50) @ entered the room.

(21:34:56) @: fucking fuckfuck the fuck

(21:35:24) @: Someone on the Pidgin team needs to die by soaking in strong vinegar.

(21:35:31) n8: agreed!!

(21:36:21) @: SigO informs me there’s a Pidgin chat bug that might pertain to this problem that has been around for three years without getting any attention from those sea cucumber fuckers.

(21:36:34) @: “The Sea Cucumber: Nature’s Pocket Pussy”

(21:37:03) @: I imagine they probably said “That’s how it’s supposed to work. You’re just too stupid to appreciate its beauty and utility.”

I got over it in time to run the session, though.

“Nature’s Pocket Pussy”? What the hell was I thinking?

How does someone die by soaking in strong vinegar, anyway?

I’m biting my nails in anticipation of the day a decent multiprotocol IM client with a development team that wasn’t born with too many chromosomes in its collective rectum actually supports OTR encryption across the board so I can stop using Pidgin. I’m half-expecting the Pidgin team to somehow permanently break compatibility with the OTR plugin first, though. Well . . . I guess that’ll be one way to get me to switch to a different IM client.

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