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8 December 2009

Geek Girl Assumption Scorecard

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I ran across a Geeks Are Sexy piece this evening called Never Assume Anything About a Geek Girl. It was an interesting read, I suppose. I found most of it a refreshing change from what I usually see when I stumble across something online about being a geek girl.

Usually, something that talks about being a geek girl seems to dwell on how awesome it is that iPods come in pink. See how geeky I am? the author says: I have an iPod, and it’s pink! Yeah, great. Color me nauseated.

This one, however, does substantially better. I won’t go into the details of what it says in the explication following each of the bullet points. If you want that, go read the original. I’ll list the bullet points themselves, however, and make comments where I feel the urge. My comments will, of course, relate to my favorite geek girl of all — my SigO.

  • Don’t assume that she’s had “help” rolling up her character.

    I was pleased as punch to see that the first bullet point referred to roleplaying games, and didn’t conflate the term “roleplaying game” with “MMORPG”, which is not the same thing. Anyway, there’s no danger of my SigO needing help rolling up her characters. She’s the GM in two Pathfinder RPG Adventure Path campaigns, in fact. Two. Yes, she is made of win.

  • Don’t assume she’s buying comics for her significant other.

    My SigO doesn’t give a crap about comics, as far as I’ve been able to tell. No biggie. If my girl can love RPGs, yours can love comic books. I wouldn’t make the mistake of this assumption.

  • Don’t assume she doesn’t like girly things.

    I’m not sure there’s anything “girly” my SigO likes, and I love that about her. She pretty well detests pink, and this has been a big problem for her because she desperately needs to replace her shoes. Why doesn’t anyone make decent, unfrilly shoes in her size for under $300 that aren’t at least 50% pink? Can she get a decent pair of sneakers in some conservative, non-pink color for a reasonable price? Please? If I had to deal with this problem, someone would probably die. It’s a good thing she’s more tolerant than me.

  • Don’t assume she’s read and liked Twilight.

    Good call. My SigO would probably enjoy Twilight about as much as thumbscrews. She is not a 40-something housewife drooling over seventeen year old mongoloids running around half-naked competing with each other for Worst Actor Academy Awards, nor is she interested in wasting her time on some of the worst prose ever to appear on the NYT Bestseller list.

  • Don’t assume she only likes to read urban fantasy books with strong protagonists.

    I assume this must refer to those vampire pseudo-romance books and their ilk that have been so big in the last few years. Yeah. I’m not sure my SigO has even read one. Scratch that — I just asked, and she said “Nope.” So no, she hasn’t read one, and shows no interest whatsoever. Her tastes tend to run more to George Orwell, Ayn Rand, JRR Tolkien, and nonfiction. Laurel K. Hamilton isn’t in her queue.

  • Don’t assume we’re stupid about computers.

    No shit. My SigO got World of Warcraft running on her laptop using Wine, because the OS is a Linux distribution. She does software support and training, and writes SQL, for a living. She writes Perl for fun (kinda).

  • Don’t assume we don’t like non-geeky things.

    Does Def Leppard count?

I’m very much the type to take people as individuals. If I wasn’t, I probably would have offended my SigO early on with my asinine assumptions about “girls”.

She’s pretty much perfect, and it would have been stupid of me to assume all women are imperfect — obsessed with pinkness, unable to remember how to right-click for a context menu, and too stupid to figure out how to make an RPG character. If I made those kinds of assumptions, I might have missed out.

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