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18 July 2009

10 questions, and the secret of success

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  1. Do any programmers do the “sagging pants” thing?

  2. Did any of Obama’s clove-smoking supporters notice he signed a bill into law that would effectively outlaw clove cigarettes?

  3. Is coming in second out of two better or worse than coming in third out of four?

  4. Is it really possible to be “too tired to sleep”?

  5. Does the human mind adapt well enough that the Technological Singularity will never happen because such a Singularity assumes things are happening too fast for us to keep up?

  6. Is there any reason I shouldn’t use an R6RS implementation while going through SICP 2nd Ed, instead of R5RS?

  7. Is it more important for me to get a ThinkPad X-series tablet laptop or a motorcycle?

  8. Is going to the movies and watching fictional TV series a complete waste of time that should be phased out of life?

  9. Is there a good way to convince someone, quickly and sustainably, of a contradiction in his or her thinking?

  10. Is there any point at all in trying to subvert the dominant paradigm?

I’ve come to the conclusion that, when figuring out whether one is capable of being financially successful in a stable, sustainable manner, one must have any three of the following traits:

  • smart

  • skilled

  • the ethical sensibilities of a shark (e.g., be a salesman at heart)

  • a Bachelor’s degree or better

  • the devil’s luck

  • kick-ass connections

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