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8 June 2009

new policy for trolls

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I just figured I’d announce it, make it all official-like:

When I receive a comment from what amounts to a Random Internet Stranger (RIS, because they’re RISible) that goes into moderation here, and that post contributes nothing to any discussion, and is in fact nothing but inflammatory nonsense, I’ll be inclined to delete it. If you have a genuine beef with me, real criticism — even if it’s stupid criticism — I’ll consider approving it rather than deleting it out of moderation without ever letting it see the light of day. If it’s just trollish BS, and you were to bet money on my response, I’d recommend betting on deletion.

This came up because I found some profanity-laden, totally pointless trolling in my comment moderation queue today, and figured I should leave a record of why I deleted it somewhere so that, if the person has something actually meaningful to say, he or she can try to be a bit more reasonable about it.

I have a sneaking suspicion this might just be some spillover from an IRC troll, though.

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