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22 May 2009

new boots: Will the excitement never end?

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I ordered a new pair of jungle boots (black, with speedlaces) early this month. They arrived a couple days ago. I just got around to applying some Kiwi to them and polishing them up. I want the leather on these things to last.

Some time in the next week I’ll probably order a wallet made of woven steel threads. I need a new wallet, and while I’m buying one, I might as well make it something that’ll last.

I’ve had some kind of annoying allergic reaction to something this week. I guess there’s a first time for everything, after all, because this is the first time I’ve experienced that dermal condition known as “hives”. It seems to be subsiding a little bit, finally, after two or three days of getting worse all the time. Yes, I took some over the counter antihistamine, which I think slowed the advance (and hastened the retreat) of the condition, but it didn’t just magically make it go away. It’s kind of distracting, and I haven’t been as productive this week as I would have liked, as a result. I wonder if I’m allergic to eggplant.

I figured I should post something here, at some point. My life hasn’t been terribly exciting the last week or so, and I struggled with the sordid, purple prose of one D. H. Lawrence for a couple hundred pages or so before giving up and switching to a better written book, so I don’t even have any new book reviews at this point (though I should have one this weekend — the other book is a much quicker read, despite the higher page count).

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