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29 January 2009

What do I like about Firefox 3?

Filed under: Geek,Mezilla — apotheon @ 01:28

I’ve been using Firefox 3 for a while now. I have to ask:


Nothing comes to mind as a reason to use Firefox 3 instead of Firefox 2. What are the benefits? Is there something it does for me that I just don’t remember is lacking in Firefox 2?

I know version 3 was supposed to make things faster and more stable and so on, but from what I’ve seen . . . it doesn’t. It’s just bigger, and its “awesome bar” violates the POLS. Please, tell me why I’m using Firefox 3 instead of Firefox 2.

Is version 2 still getting security updates?

. . . and what the hell is taking so long getting Chromium ported to Linux? Once it gets to Linux, maybe it’ll get ported more quickly to FreeBSD (where it belongs, being a mostly-BSD-licensed Web browser anyway).

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