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13 January 2009

the story of my life

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Amazingly, the one time I find a single day’s installment in a Webcomic that really resonates with the way I feel about my life at that moment, it’s an old installment in a Webcomic that is probably most succinctly summed up as depression, but funny:

Illustrated Primer to Beer/Programming Models

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There are those who would claim that beer is the essence of life, and that all things may be understood through beer. I am not one of those people, but temporarily adopting such a perspective can be amusing anyway.

If you’re a reader of Chip’s Quips, you may have stumbled across a Chipping The Web post with a link to a beer-based illustration of how the Waterfall method of programming works. It looks a little something like this:

I felt inspired to make a list. You can see them after the page break — in part because a bunch of images is a bandwidth hog, and in part because at least one of them might be considered NSFW.

(All images are links to where I found them.)

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