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18 November 2008

FreeBSD forum, laptop, and GSOC news

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In addition to its excellent mailing list support and some of the best OS user documentation in the world, FreeBSD now has its own forum site.

iXsystems Invincibook Coming soon from iXsystems is the Invincibook, a new laptop designed with physical ruggedness and excellent performance in mind, and it comes with FreeBSD installed as its default operating system. If they’d just put a trackpoint on the thing, I’d probably be out on a street corner right now selling my ass for the money to buy one of these things. Even without the trackpoint, I want one. Lord knows, I’ve waited long enough for properly working ACPI support on a laptop running an OS that doesn’t make me gag. Considering reports of dropping quality in Thinkpad production under Lenovo’s management, something like this couldn’t come at a better time.

A slew of 2008 Google Summer of Code projects have been completed. This is kind of “old news”, in that it hasn’t been summer for a while, but this is stuff that is going into CVS/SVN for FreeBSD very soon. One of the most exciting items in the list, for me, is the BSD-licensed text processing tools porting project. The most notable point of progress is grep: “At the moment, BSD grep seems to be ready and highly compatible with the GNU version.” Another one that catches my eye is the port license auditing infrastructure project, of course.

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