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28 October 2008

IM convo: reasons to use FreeBSD

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(12:36:50) him: i thought you used linux

(12:37:52) me: I use FreeBSD, actually.

(12:38:16) him: open bsd has better security… which is the only reason to run any bsd

(12:38:25) me: Bah.

(12:39:09) me: FreeBSD has better security than most Linux distributions, too. It also does the “install from source” thing better than Gentoo, and has more software available through ports than any Linux distro other than Debian has available through their software management systems.

(12:39:44) me: It’s the most stable OS I’ve ever used, has some of the best user documentation I’ve ever encountered for an OS, and has a better community than the vast majority of Linux distributions.

(12:40:36) me: It’s easier to configure and manage a lot of stuff, at least in part because of the better-integrated design of its base system, and I like its licensing model a lot more than any Linux distribution’s licensing.

(12:40:53) me: There are plenty of reasons to choose FreeBSD.

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