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18 September 2008

a question for Linux users

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I have a question for my readers who use a Linux-based OS. This question is intended not only to satisfy my own curiosity and possibly provide grist for a future SOB entry — but also to get people to think about their own answers. Hopefully, I’ll get a lot of answers here. Even if I don’t, though, I’d consider the act of asking the question worthwhile if people honestly answer the question to themselves, no matter what the answer is. Sometimes, we learn something from examining our own choices — even if it’s just that we made the right choice for the wrong reasons.

Without further ado, the question:

Why do you use a Linux distribution instead of a BSD Unix system?

Feel free to answer in comments or via the contact page link in the right-hand column of this Website.

I promise I will not engage people in unwanted debate in response to answers in comments, and I may delete comments that stray too far off-topic or attack people for their answers.

Web browsers suck.

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Well . . . so much for my Flock experiment.

Tonight, Flock decided to develop a show-stopping bug. See, Flock suffers a segmentation fault every time I open a Webpage. It sometimes does so when I open History in the sidebar, or even just when I switch focus away from it and back to it.

Sounds like a real winner! Don’t you think so?

I’m back to using Firefox 3 now (and I turned off that asinine “smooth scrolling” crap in the tab bar, by setting toolkit.scrollbox.smoothScroll to “false” in about:config). A browser that never loads a Webpage is kind of useless to me. Bye-bye, Flock. Go flock yourself.

Let’s see, here . . . what browsers have I tried out that are at least nominally up to date? In no particular order:

  • Amaya sucks.

  • Avant sucks.

  • Camino sucks.

  • Chromium isn’t really in a release-worthy, usable form yet. If I had the C/C++ code-fu, you could bet your firstborn I’d be working on it, though.

  • Dillo sucks, except when I time-travel to 1995. Then it’s awesome.

  • Emacs/W3 sucks. What — you didn’t know Emacs has a Web browser?

  • Epiphany sucks.

  • Firefox (including Iceweasel and Swiftfox) sucks.

  • Flock sucks.

  • Galeon sucks.

  • Internet Explorer sucks.

  • Java-based browsers suck by definition.

  • Kazehakase sucks.

  • Konqueror sucks.

  • Lynx sucks (including all knock-offs I’ve seen, like Links and ELinks).

  • Maxthon sucks.

  • Mozilla suite sucks.

  • Netscape sucks.

  • Opera sucks.

  • Safari sucks.

  • Songbird sucks.

  • W3m sucks.

I really hope Chromium makes it into FreeBSD ports soon and doesn’t suck when it gets there. I’m tired of browsers that suck. I want a non-sucking browser.

Is that really so much to ask?

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