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4 September 2008

oops . . . upgrade

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I appear to have forgotten to upgrade WordPress back when I thought I did — so I upgraded last night.

Unfortunately, WordPress seems to suffer a problem similar to PHP itself: upgrading always breaks stuff. Always. It is as though, taking cues from the core PHP developers, the core WordPress developers never consider the stability of an API to be important at all.

I can’t really blame Microsoft for this problem, even if it’s indicative of behavior that is SOP for Microsoft, so I’ll just blame the GPL instead.

Anyway . . . what broke this time was the Filosofo Comment Preview plugin. That, in turn, broke commenting entirely, which I didn’t notice until this morning when I realized I didn’t have any spam comments in moderation at all. This, obviously, is so out of the ordinary that something must have been wrong. I tested (which I should have done last night — we can blame me for this part of the problem), and discovered that commenting simply didn’t work. It seemed the only way to fix it was to deactivate comment previews entirely.

So: Sorry if you tried to comment between when I upgraded WordPress last night and when I turned off comment previews. Sorry about the lack of comment preview capability now that it’s possible to comment again.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled SOB rambling.

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